SUSHI & MORE's brand

At SUSHI & MORE, it's easy to eat healthy at a low price. Sushi, Maki, California Rolls, Spring Rolls, Chirashi, different salads, Soups,Yakitori Brochettes, Deep Fried Chicken Kare Age, Japanese dumplings Gyoza and various deserts. We love and we fall for this healthy and great quality food, creative and reinvented to please everyone.

Order by phone at the 95 94 40, one of our salesman is there to take your order and will consult you depending on your needs and desires.

Order by internet, and benefit of our complete menu and get points to your account, every time you make an order online. These collected points can get you up to 50% off on your next order at Sushi and More.


Sushi and More gives you the choice :

  • Delivery : All delivery's arrive under 30 minutes to your office or at home.
  • Take-away : Order your meal up front and you can pick up when you want and in the shop you like.
  • Restaurant : Come in with your work colleagues and friends to eat in a zen and friendly place. Inside or on our terrace you can choose from our range and eat them directly !!!
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