The current General Conditions of sale governing the contractual relationships between the Company and its Customers. Every order placed by the Customer on the website or addressed to the Company by phone is subject to the unconditional acceptance and without reservation of the General Conditions of Sale.

The customer recognizes that their Order is equivalent to full and complete acceptance of these General Conditions of sale and that these Conditions of sale and that these Conditions prevail over their own General Conditions of Sale or supplying in the event of a conflict.

The current General Conditions of sale can be wholly or partially modified by the Company. Customers will be notified through an amendment published on the Society's website. The alterations to the General Conditions of Sale will become effective as of the fixed date. It is the responsibility of the Customer to regularly refer to the latest version of the General Conditions of Sale permanently available on the website of the Company.

Every order is equivalent to implicit acceptance of possible later amendments of the curent General Conditions of Sale.


Only Customers registered on the website can order from the Company.

2.1. Account registration on

The registration requires the following informations to be given by the Customer :

- Personnal informations, such as their name, first name(s), home address, phone number, date of birth.

- Delivery location informations, such as the name of the Company the Customer is working for, its address, professional email, professional phone number.

These lists are by no means exhaustive and the Company reserves the right to ask the Customer for complementary informations.

SUSHIANDMORE reserves the right to deny the account opening in the case of patently false informations.

2.2. Account registration confirmation and security

Following the account registration on the website, the Customer will receive the informations below: 

- An email confirming the registration on the website and containing informations related to the operation of the website, an explanation related to placing orders and a link to the current General Conditions of Sale. - The access codes, username and password, are confidential.

It is vividly recommanded for the Customer to modify the password initially given by the Company. The Customer can choose their own password. The Customer is responsible for the protection of their chosen password. The Customer is responsible for the consequences linked to the communication, disclosure, loss or theft of their password.

Every order placed on the website is personal and takn into account with the confidential password. They are presumed to originate personnaly and directly from the Customer.


All the products and services commercialized by the Company on its website carry a denomination and a unit price.

These products and services are, possibly, accompanied by pictures or illustrations, complementary information concerning their content, preparation and packaging presented for information purpose only and have no contract value in relation to the Company.

The Company points out food allergy risk to their Customers and encourage them to inform the Company on a case by case basis as well as to be careful with their good tolerance towards the product they consider consuming.

The products and services on the website are usually available.

The Company, its Providers and Producers cannot be held liable in case of temporary or definitive unavailability of these products.


All the prices charged by the Company include the VAT and shipping fees. 

The factured prices are the prices applicables on the day of the Order. 

The prices charged by the Company may be revised at any moment without notice. 



Every order is followed by a confirmation email from the Company. 

The Company proceeds to delivery of every Orders, whetever they’re individual or collective. 

The Customer is held responsible for the exhaustivity and the conformity of the informations they give as stated in point 3 of the current General Conditions of Sale. 

The Customer can, at any moment, track their Order on the website, by logging in. 

In order to be in a position to ensure on time delivery, the Company reserves the right, at any time, to:

- dAccept Order while stocks last. 

- Refuse an Order if the addresse communicated by the Customer is patently false or out of the delivery area. 


It is the responsibility of the Customer to verify the conformity of their Order at the time of the delivery.

Any mistake or anomaly at the time of the delivery must be reported to the Company as stated in point 6.2 of the current General Conditions of Sale.  



Delivery time is given for information purpose.

The respect of delivery time is bound only within the limit of due care at the Company’s responsibility and not a result. The Company can never be held liable for a delayed delivery. 


Every error claim, absence of delivery claim, incomplete delivery claim or insatisfying delivery claim in terms of quality, will only be taken into account if the Company is notified on the day of the delivery.  



Once the Company has delivered the products to the Customer at the location where they are usually active, or once the products are placed in the hands of the Customer, the risk is the Customer’s responsibility. The Company cannot be held liable for the possible loss, theft, deterioration or bad preservation of the products after the delivery or once the products have been placed in the hands of the Customer. 


The delivered products are intended for consumption on the day of the delivery. The leftovers cannot be preserved for the next days, even if they are kept in a properly working fridge. As precaution, the Company advises its customers not to freeze the delivered products that have not been consumed. 

The Customer is always required to check the date on the label bearing its name, to avoid consuming products delivered on a previous day. 

The Company and their respective directors and employees shall not be held responsible for all physical impacts, intangible, personal or otherwise, that might result from the fact that products delivered the night before had not been thrown were they eaten or not appropriately stored on the same day of delivery. 

The Company and their managers and employees are not responsible for any physical consequences, intangible, tangible and other, which could result to allergic reactions potentially attributable to the touch or inhalation of products delivered by it even in the event that they have been improperly stored, used, handled, treated, collected, cultivated, planted, etc.. by suppliers and / or producers of products used by the Company. 

This limitation of liability is applicable especially when information about the products and their ingredients are posted on the website and on product labels. These informations allow the Customer to know with sufficient accuracy the content of the products and assess risks.


The Company and their respective directors and employees shall not be held responsible in case of force majeure.

Constitute a case of force majeure any outdoor event, unforeseeable and irresistible to the Company, as well as their managers and employees. 

By way of example, and without this list being exhaustive, the following events constitute force majeure: strike, fire, war, impassable streets to cause snow storms, etc.. 


Different payment options are available to customers by the Company.  

Customer acknowledges that it has no vested right to the payment options offered by the Company. 

The Company reserves the discretionary right to terminate one or more payment options offered by it. 

Orders can be paid: 

- By Visa / Mastercard (SAFERPAY secure payment system) credit card, 

- Cash,

- By meal vouchers.

8.1.1. Visa / Mastercard:

Customer may make payment via credit card directly on the website of the Company after its validation / her order (s). 

8.1.2. Payment by cash or meal voucher from the Company’s cash box : 

Customer may make payment of their order(s)  in  cash or meal vouchers. 

Are allowed meal vouchers issued by these companies: 

- Sodexo Pass (Lunch Pass),

- Edenred (Ticket Restaurant),

- Cheque Resto Luxembourg S.A., L (Check Resto),


The Customer may contact the Company with any questions, suggestions or further information: 

a) either by email at 

b) by telephone at +352 95 94 40


The present general conditions define the conditions required  in order to take part in the loyalty program (points collect).

How to: creating an account on the website leads to the full support and acceptance of the present general conditions. 

The loyalty program is made for any individual and is only available for orders placed on our website. 


Each order placed on our website will award you one point per euro spent on said order, for a maximum of 500 points. Points can only be acquired through orders placed on our website. Cumulated points will allow you to get a discount as explained below and can be used to order for a maximum of 200 euros on the website

100 points = 10 %
200 points = 20 %
300 points = 30 %
400 points = 40 %
500 points = 50 %

After 500 points, you cannot cumulate any more points. This program is name specific and loyalty points cannot be converted into cash money. Cumulated points are personal and cannot be cumulated or transferred to another customer account. 


In accordance with laws and regulations concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, including the amended law of august the 2nd of 2002, the Company shall take all technical and organizational measures to prevent illegal or unauthorized, as well as the loss, destruction or deterioration of the data. She agrees that its employees, agents and any subcontractors comply with these laws and regulations. 

In this context, the company informs its Customers on items 10.1 to 10.4. 

By providing access to this Website or any other website or technological application of the Company website, the Customer declares to have read the information below (paragraphs 10.1 to 10.4) and gives the Company an unconditional authorization to process and use as hereinafter provided personal data submitted or has obtained. 

The limited time offers on products and services offered by the Company are sent to the Customer via e-mails only if the customer has expressed their desire to be notified of such offers. 

At any time, the Customer who has agreed to receive such offers, may terminate such approvals by changing the settings of their account in the "Account Settings" or by sending an e-mail to indicating the purpose of the application.

11.1. Cookies

If the Customer accesses or uses this Website or any other website of the Company, data on the use of the site, the domain name of the client, the number of hits, pages visited, duration of visit, the browser used and the preceding and following that the customer has visited or will visit sites may be collected and processed. These data are collected by means of a cookie being stored on the Customer's computer or Web page server. A cookie is primarily intended to facilitate navigation on the website and store personal settings for the Client, such as the language they want to use.

11.2. Sécurity

Any information collected is stored in a secure environment making use of industry standards for encryption and physical security of the data servers of the Company. 

The data are processed only on the instructions of the Company. 

Sending the Customer's personal data via the Internet can be risky. Customer agrees to be fully aware of these risks. The Company or companies associated with it can not be held liable for any damages suffered due to the use of the Customer's personal data by unauthorized persons for this purpose.

11.3. Connections

This statement of policy regarding the protection of privacy does not apply to third party websites with a link to or leading to the Website or other technological applications of the Company or companies associated with it.

11.4. Rights

The Customer has a right of access and rectification of personal data, in accordance with Article 28 of the Law of August the 2nd of 2002, as amended relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data . To exercise this right, the customer must adapt themselves the configuration of their personal data on the Website or any other technological applications of the Company. The Customer also has the right to oppose the use of personal data for promotional purposes. To exercise this right, it must adapt itself the configuration of their personal data on the Website or other technological applications of the Company. 

11.5. Dissemination of information through websites or other means of communication (technology):  

The Company endeavors to provide correct and in a timely information so that they are valid and correct. 

The informations provided by the Company are for reference only. 

The Company can not be held liable for any errors, approximations, inconsistencies and late or inaccurate information. 

It can not be held liable for any damages that result from the use or operation of websites or other means of communication (technology) owned and / or operated by the Company. 

Despite the fact that the Company ensures the security of its website and other means of communication (technology) sites, it can not be held responsible for any damage caused by viruses, virus transmission, as well as the fraud by computer or other means. 

The Website or other means of communication (technology) used by the Company may contain links or references to other Web sites or other information sources managed by third parties. The Company has no control over them and can not be held responsible for the information contained therein or for any damage resulting therefrom.

11.6. Technology

The Company has created this Website and other technological applications to allow users to control their products to the Company. 

The Company shall use all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure access to quality services, but is not required to achieve this. 

Neither the Company nor its directors or employees can be held liable for any malfunction of the website or other technological applications, network or servers or any other event beyond the reasonable control which prevent or degrade the Service. 

The Company, its directors and its employees are in no way responsible for any form of damage, including direct, indirect, incidental and consequential damages, fines or loss of profits caused by the use of or websites or other technological applications. 

The Company reserves the right to terminate, suspend or change without notice access to all or part of the Website, in particular in order to maintain, or otherwise, without the interruption n 'rise to any obligation or compensation to the Client.



The Company has developed this web site and other technological applications, on the one hand, to allow customers to place orders and, on the other hand, to provide information to its customers and visitors. No commercial use partial data that are presented on this website and all other technological media - e-mails, faxes, letters, brochures, etc.. - Issued by the Company may be made without the prior written consent of the Company. 

All elements of this web site and other technology and any other forms of information and message from the Company are protected by copyright / copyright of the Company or by a mode of protection provided by the laws applications the intellectual property laws, including law as patents, designs, know-how, copyrights, neighboring rights, trademark rights, personality rights or any other rights of literary, artistic or industrial. These include photographs, articles, drawings, animated sequences, logos, etc.. 

No Customer is authorized to download or modify all or part of the Website without the express written permission of the Company. 

It is strictly forbidden for the Customer to use or download, for sale or for any other commercial use, the information on the website of the Company (listed products, descriptions, prices, graphics, pictures, photographs, etc. ). 

Web pages created by the Company for payments and other forms of information and MPIC shall in no case be replicated, reproduced and / or copied or fully or partially, nor may be disposed modified and / or distributed free of charge and / or expensive in any form whatsoever without the prior express written approval of the Company. 

Web pages or forms of technological Message can be downloaded, printed or copied only for personal and non-commercial use and provided that no changes be made.

The Company declares that all informations and other messages contained on its web site and other technological applications do not affect the intangible property rights of third parties, such as law including patents, designs, know-how , copyrights, neighboring rights, trademark rights, personality rights or any other rights of literary, artistic or industrial third. 


The Company may use various forms of business communication and / or public, such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or other). 

The Customer undertakes to comply with the contents of these Terms and Conditions also all other technological media of communication used by the Company. 

The Company will report any abuse to operators and stakeholders. 

The Company reserves the right but is under no circumstances the obligation to monitor content (notes, messages, suggestions, ideas, or other information) of different modes of communication used by it. 

The company has the right to use comments, messages, suggestions, ideas, or other information for publicity purposes, promotions, research / study, or others, without that ability is limited in time and space. 

The company is in no way responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the comments, messages, suggestions, ideas, information or other content appearing on the social networks. 

The Company is not responsible for any messages posted by users, especially those whose contents violate the law and morality and block access to the Website or the author of said message(s). 


The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is equivalent to finding a permanent contract between the Customer and the Company. 

Customer and the Company are authorized to close the account at any time. 

Termination by Customer : The Customer may terminate the contractual relationship at any time by sending an e-mail at :

The Company will close the account. 

Termination by the Company: The Company has a discretionary right and can proceed with the closure of the account of a customer at any time, without notice and without cause, and in particular in the following cases, without this list is not exhaustive : 

- When the information and / or personal data supplied by the Client are clearly erroneous and / or fanciful, 

- If comments left by the Customer on the Website of the Company content contrary to the laws, regulations and morality, 

- For marketing or commercial reasons 

Closing the account of the Client by the Company is not subject to any compensation on the part of the Customer. 


The agreements between the parties Orders are exclusively governed by Luxembourg law, to the exclusion of the Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980 on the International Sale of Goods. 

Any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of the Orders or these Terms and Conditions shall be the jurisdiction of the courts of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - City, whatever the place of delivery and payment method. 

If any provision contained in these Terms and Conditions should be considered / declared void or unenforceable for any reason, that provision will be considered detached from the rest of the Terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions contained therein. In such a situation, the part deemed invalid shall be amended to be consistent with applicable law and reflect as closely as possible the original intent of the Parties. 

The Parties undertake to give their relationship the most consistent with the stipulation canceled and complies with all of these Terms and Conditions of sense. Parties may not claim any compensation due to the cancellation in question. 

The contractual language is French. In case of conflict between the translation of the Order or of these Terms of Sale, the French version shall prevail. 


The Customer declares to have read and to have expressly and unconditionally accepted these Terms and Conditions in force at the date of access to the website and subscribe to the products and services offered by the Company. 

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