Loyalty program

The present general conditions define the conditions required in order to take part in the loyalty program (points collect).

How to : creating an account on the website www.sushiandmore.com leads to the full support and acceptance of the present general conditions.

The loyalty program is made for any individual ads and is only available for orders placed on our website.


Each order placed on our website will award you one point per euro spent on said order, for a maximum of 500 points. Points can only be acquired through orders placed on our website. Cumulated points will allow you to get a discount as explained below and can be used to order for a maximum of 200 euros on the website www.sushiandmore.com

100 points = 10 %
200 points = 20 %
300 points = 30 %
400 points = 40 %
500 points = 50 %
After 500 points, you cannot cumulate any more points. This program is name specific and loyalty points cannot be converted into cash money. Cumulated points are personal and cannot be cumulated or transferred to another customer account.

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